Friday, January 28, 2011

Todays' Op Shop Buys

A couple of vintage necklaces - $1 each

Vintage Simona blouse $8

Funky coloured fabric $1

Onkaparinga rug $6

Today I did a spot of op-shopping this morning and picked up the above from Vinnies. I have an obsession with buying rugs and blankets from op shops and stockpiling them. Do I live in a place with an extremely cold climate? No, I live in Queensland. Do I secretly wish I did? Um, yes. Snuggled up with Mr B by the fireplace in my thrifted rugs, the smell of wood smoke through the house, a full tummy of slow cooked lamb casserole..... Sounds great doesn't it? Gah, I'm sure they'll come in handy at some point and this one was just too warm and wooly to pass up.


  1. Sitting here sweating in North Qld, dreaming of your lamb casserole and snuggles under a rug on a comfy couch :) Even though it's dreaming of your dream, someone somewhere is living it, right?

    That rug looks brand new!

  2. So true Amanda! And I bet those in cold climates right now sitting under a blanket are wishing they had what we have right now - stinking hot heat!

  3. I saw your rug and immediately thought 'Yay! Picnic rug!', so there's a summery use for your rug collection :)