Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Parka & Jaffa

A couple of Country Road purchases from the Myer Stocktake sale, though I did pay full price for the dress..... hmmm. But I did compensate with the jacket, $249 reduced to $99! It's comfortable and snuggy, has lots of pockets and the shearling collar is removable for when Winter passes. :D

And I just can't help but think about jaffas when I see this dress.... crazy much?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Eye Catcher

This has caught my eye on my way to/from work the last few weeks!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Road Trip Day Two: Citrus, Sugar Cane & Railway tracks

Top - Junk / Skirt - French Connection (ha same combo again.. didn't realise that til now!) / Handbag - Vintage / Circle Scarf - Bonds / Sunglasses - Ray Ban / Bracelets - A little boutique & Tiffany & Co / Ring - (two finger) YTBA / Tights - Avanti / Shoes - Topshop

Road Trip Day One: Mountains & Sea

We decided on Thursday that we were going to go on a spontaneous road trip to Yeppoon on Saturday.. and this was the road trip of road trips for a standard 2 day weekend, that's for sure. We're talking 8 hours each way plus time for exploring = a whole lot of driving! The trip was for Mr B to see another potential 'project car' in the flesh, but we were trying to avoid making this weekend about 'doing things'.. rather we tried to see it as a mini getaway. Really wished we had planned better and had a couple of days off to explore more.. but since we are planning another little getaway next month, we decided to save our leave :)

Car trip essentials
Yeppoon coastline
Top - Junk / Pants - French Connection / Sunglasses - Ray Ban
A distinct reminder we were in North Qld
1770 - An absolutely pristine place and somewhere I have wanted to visit since seeing it on Getaway forever ago!
Yeppoon sunset

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Play it again

For some time I have been wanting to start a record collection however, I haven't had anything to play them on. Usually every visit to an op shop I see them, at ridiculously cheap prices and think how great it would be to be able to play them, crackling and all. This weekend on discovery of a few vinyl classics, I decided to just do it. I figure if we owned records, it would push us to invest in a record player. We found a little one (for not much) which will do the job. We figure if we find we do regularly use it, we'll invest in a better one. At the moment it is sitting on the floor of our living room, until I can find a little display unit at an op shop for it! Looking forward to hunting out some more records now! And keen to get some modern music on vinyl also... :-)