Sunday, January 2, 2011

My favourite sunny day place & vintage purchases

Yesterday we went down the coast for a beach trip, lunch and some shopping in an effort to make the most of one of the only sunny QLD days so far this summer. This particular spot down the coast is our favourite sunny day spot of all time. We can back the car up to the entrance there, SPF up and head down the track to the nearby flagged area for a swim. Afterwards we have a quick shower before grabbing some lunch nearby. The beach there is just pristine and usually fairly quiet, unlike neighbouring Broadbeach Main Beach or Surfers Paradise.

Afterwards we went and grabbed kebabs and baklava and then went in search of vintage stuff. I bought the glasses & plate at an antique centre for $38 together and then found the 60's tulip print skirt at this awesome little vintage store for $30. I'm looking forward to teaming the skirt with a simple white singlet and sandals. Usually I wouldn't pay so much but sometimes I don't mind spending more than at op shops if you are getting a complete set or something in excellent (basically brand new) condition. The carnations I bought for New Years and just haven't had a chance to photograph yet.

Today is the last day Mr Bejewelled has off before returning to work muhahahaa. Next week that will be me but I have a few more days yet. Planning on making the most of it!

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