Friday, August 27, 2010

Saturday I'm in Love

I've never quite understood why it's 'Friday I'm in Love'. Sure, it's the last day of the working week for most people but it's still a work day. Maybe they made it Friday as it rolls off the tongue easily. 

Anywho, some shots from our Saturday where we did what we wanted and therefore didn't work! Breakfast and coffee at a new cafe followed by op shopping and checking out antiques. We both had poached eggs with sourdough and I had ham and Mr had bacon (naturally). It was so yummy and a great start to the day. Hope you're having an awesome work-free Saturday too! 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Red Hot Kitchen

Recently we came to the realisation that we must get a dining table. We have been splitting our meals between the couch and our deck outside (which is great in Summer, not so great in Winter). We had an outdoor heater on our deck and one day when we were expecting friends over for dinner in a matter of hours, we found out the bugs had gotten into the connections during summer... Gah! We hastily made a trip to Bunnings and decided to invest in a new one. But.. it's still cold.. and impractical.. and just too much effort for those everyday meals for just the two of us. We've often fantasised about having an awesome big homestead on a country property where we can fit a ginormous long dining table, big enough to accommodate up to 15 friends with space to spare. We would spend our weekends having 'casual' dinner parties which involved great wine and feasts shared by all (provided anyone came and visited us in the sticks).

Since I can't see us winning lotto anytime soon, the best option for us was to have a 'farmhouse' style kitchen table with a few chairs. I really love the idea of painting different chairs all one colour to create a uniformed look. This was our project for the last 3 weekends, sanding and painting! As you can see, we're still on the hunt for a 4th chair to replace the stool and I'm hoping to find an 'italian trattoria' style chair to go there. The last picture is of our island bench that was in the spot where the table is now. We are having trouble parting with it as it is great for storage and also very practical! 

Table - WAC (Wolloongabba Antique Centre) / Miscellanious chairs - Vinnies, Lifeline Supa Store & WAC (Wolloongabba Antique Centre).  

It will come as no surprise that my new favourite Saturday past time is a stroll through the WAC followed by coffee at their little cafe! I could literally spend hours there picturing the past lives of all their wares! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Feeling Spring

Credits in no particular order: Facehunter, The Satorialist, Stockholm Street Style, Hel Looks, Vanessa Jackman.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


A recent purchase.. Ginger & Smart 'Tangello' Alloy One Shoulder Dress
I bought it to wear to a wedding in a couple of weeks time.. I was seduced by the striking colour, draping and the gold zip trims! 
Considering the bridesmaids are apparently wearing bright coloured Indian saris I'm thinking I can be a bit more daring with colour than I usually would (for a wedding) and won't stand out too much! ;-) 
I'm planning on wearing it with a gold necklace and bracelet, black opaque tights with black Zu pumps and a black jacket. An August wedding... It's still going to be a little chilly!