Saturday, January 28, 2012


It's been great this weekend. Decided to take an extra long one and make the most of the Australia Day public holiday. The brief burst of sunshine for Australia Day couldn't have been better planned! 
And the rainy weather for the rest of the weekend has actually made us want to stay in, which, after quite a few busy weekends in a row, has felt just blissful. It has also provided the opportunity to appreciate some recent home purchases and reworks completed over the last few weeks.. Didn't realise this til now but it seems we have kind of been on a home improvement/refresh binge.. looking back, not quite sure how we have fit everything in! 

Grey skies... with no indications of change for at least the next week..

Fresh roses to brighten our days
Roses- just from Woolies
Wooden box - Vintage cigar box from great grandfather
Coaster - 8euro (for pack of 6) from streetstall in Paris

Some beautiful vintage childrens' books with whimsical illustrations
$4 each, op shop

Old church pew = large amount of seating on our deck
A very considered buy (not used to dropping this kind of moolah on stuff for the house!) $500 - Demolition yard

 A practical use for colourful old cans
Vintage cans - $2 each, Demolition yard

A bedroom makeover. 
New bedlinen (Country Road sale), curbside collected fold up chair painted navy and used as bedside table (free + paint)

Painted wardrobes.. no longer casting darkness in our bedroom! 

Paper lightfitting.. an incredibly inexpensive way to freshen things up, no electrician required
Paper shade: $9, Bunnings

Vintage ironing board as entry table
$40 - Demolition yard

Love the 'Instructions for use' sticker on reverse of ironing board..

Bookcase better organised

Our other two 'curbside collection' chairs.. brought back to life with a lick of paint. 
Free + paint

Raided the in-laws' wild tomato vines while they are overseas = one killer tomato sauce! 

Saturday night in.. followed by Sunday leftovers. Yum! 

Hope you are having a lovely weekend! 

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  1. i never knew i wanted a vintage ironing board till now! what a gorgeous idea. And those chairs are fabulous!