Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Keeping spirits high

Last week I had some surgery and have been feeling miserable staying at home. Not to mention guilty that I have missed more work than I thought I would. My days are a haze of painkiller dozes and bad daytime tv...  

Though here are some of the parts I have been trying to make the most of, while (pretty much) house bound.

Pink paddy cake from a local bakery on pretty china

A sweet 70's beach chair found recently during roadside collection - hubby thinks it is hideous but wasn't going to let that stop me! 

Beachy new Havaianas.. very impressed I was that I ordered these from General Pants online one morning and had them at my door the same time the next day! (and free postage I might add) PS: falling into online shopping is easy while house bound...

Dogs dropping the act that they don't like each other! 

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  1. Oh get well soon! Cupcakes are a great pick me up aren't they? I always bake my cupcakes as pressies to people to make them smile. Lots of edible glitter always raises a smile.
    I love your pups and that sun lounger is fab! You have my support on its coolness factor!!