Saturday, February 11, 2012

Funny story

Last weekend we went out to try a new cafe for breakfast Saturday morning and found ourselves lusting after a neighbouring timber table. We have been keeping an eye out for a new timber table for our deck for a while now and this one looked perfect. When we looked around we noticed that everything in the restaurant seemed to have price tags and be for sale. We asked about the table and yes, it was too. We decided to think about it a little more as.. well, it would have been the most expensive breakfast we have ever had! The next day we had decided that we couldn't imagine not having the table and headed to the cafe to ask to buy it. When we arrived there were customers at either end eating off it and since we wanted to see if it would fit in our car we asked if we could measure it. Putting a tape measure at the end, Mr Bejewelled measured while people were enjoying their breakfast! One guy said.. "um, can you at least wait until we've finished our breakfast before you buy the table?!" So funny. The owners ended up delivering it for us on Monday. And that is the story of our new table! 

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