Sunday, June 27, 2010

The 'TV Chair'

Gosh, I haven't posted for ages! Mostly because I've been slack in remembering to take my camera when we leave the house and I've generally just been feeling quite uninspired lately....

We went op shopping the other day looking for a new chair for our living room. Since our living room is not wide enough for an awesome big leather corner lounge as we had hoped, we have decided to have one three seater couch and pick up a couple of random vintage chairs from op shops and have them reupholstered. Mind you, now that we've had this chair for almost a week, I'm now kind of liking this fabric and wondering if we did reupholster, what kind of fabric would we look for.... I know definitely something modern but other than that, no idea! Might need to do some more research to get some ideas! 

Chair - Lifeline Supa Store
Black Coloured Cushion - Etsy
Pink Cushion - Vinnies

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