Thursday, July 1, 2010

Finders Keepers Treasures!

Last weekend I dragged hubby to the Finders Keepers Markets. I hadn't been to a Finders Keepers Market before and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and presentation of the wares.. there was so much that I wanted to buy for myself! Alas... I was there with hubby and we were on a mission. We were looking for some quirky artwork for our walls, which are a little bare. We ended up buying a couple of wall prints, one of which I have photographed below..

The Venue: The beautiful Old Museum Building

The Frankie Stand

One of our buys.. A print by Bespoke Press ( It is one of 50 limited edition prints handcrafted using an antique 1893 letterpress printing press on 100% tree free cotton rag paper.. We thought that was pretty awesome! We love the quote, it just seems like us as a couple in a v cheesy way.

Here are a few of the other items I was also drooling over at the Markets

Headbands by South for the Summer... Stunning pieces really well made with leather and feathers. 
Eat your heart out Blair Waldorf.

Jewellery from Pigeonhole... Very different and pretty pieces. Particularly love the diamond pendant with the black stone inside.

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