Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Squid's Fist! SYP love.

Some Young Punks ( has been a firm favourite of ours for a while, we love the mash up awesomeness of all of their wines. It is fairly easy to tell a SYP by their labels, they are creative, quirky and sometimes retro. One of our favourites is the Squid's Fist, which is Sangiovese/Shiraz blend. When we heard about an opportunity to taste and talk with the winemakers themselves at a wine tasting recently, we jumped at the opportunity. They were lovely and so passionate about what they do. They had these posters instead of banners at their stand and they so very kindly gave one to us to keep, we figured we had to do it justice by having it framed and displaying it on our study wall at home!

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