Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cottage Gardening

Recent gardening efforts! Looks like just mulch in the planter but we have planted climbing snow peas and eggplant and have a pot with two varieties of basil and a pot with various salad greens  :)

Planter box- curbside collected.. (yep. I'm that crazy fitting this into the back of our car. It involved a call to Mr B to assist with lifting!)
Pots- curbside collected
One of the best books I have been able to find on vegie patch-ing with step by steps.

Ultimate goal? Rip up all our pavers and replace them with something that looks like this! (pics from a community garden near us) We love the idea of not needing to go to the fruit & veg shop.. being able to just access our back garden for some of the essentials. 

Oh and a pic of our quirky new indoor plant in antique mop bucket! 

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  1. i love that planter...and the mop bucket!

    xoxo from nyc &