Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weekend Purchases

Vogue mirror print with a slight crack - but I couldn't leave it at the shop, I love the animals and the wind in her headress... Reminds me of the shorts for SATC2 but I'm fairly sure it wasn't zebra's the girls were riding! 

Cute little plate - just couldn't resist the colours

I was pretty wrapped with finding another two Colclough plates to make a set of 6! Though I'm not sure the colours are quite right, I'm fairly sure there should be two of each colour. I couldn't resist the four when I first found them and figured I might one day come across another two. This is what makes op shops so rewarding! 

A little mosaic plate... thought it could be good for hot saucepans from the stove.. but then decided it was too pretty and that it needed to remain decorative...! 

Little black shell bowl - thought it could be good for jewellery/hair clips I wear the most, rather than having to dig through my whole collection to find them! 
Fantastically warm royal blue cardie.. Hello Nana! Quite bulky but will be so warm come winter.

My outfit

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