Saturday, May 22, 2010

Op Shop Finds

My haul...
Warmest ever woolen beanie. $2 
Louis Vuitton lipstick case $8. I'm not 100% on the authenticity of this little case but as the owner of a few genuine LV items, it looks about right and with a serial number to boot.

Man style watch $3

Woolen vest $5 (I have tights in the same hue.. looking forward to teaming them together come winter).
Light blue short sleeve vintage dress $8

Painting $3
Yesterday I went op shopping with my mum and had the best time. These are my buys above. We left early, had a coffee, then op shopped, had a hearty pub lunch followed by more op shopping and then coffee and cake at Paddington. Usually we are so bad at actually taking breaks to eat/have coffee when we go shopping together. It sounds really silly but we seem to get so caught up in the fun/thrill of it all that we simply just keep pushing on! But I think we did really well yesterday.

Mum had some fantastic buys too, at one place she picked up two blouses for $5.50 as they were having a half price sale. Score! 


  1. i love your finds! I have recently seen a lot of LV items - but at $50 or more each... i don't have that in my budget!!

    I should probably find out how to spot a fake and see if any are worth it...

    Anyway - HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog =) I actually came across yours today from the op shop thread on VF I think. Great finds, the dress is really cute =)

  3. love the look of the vintage dress. Very chic x

  4. These are amazing finds! The dress is adorable.