Friday, April 2, 2010

Weekend Shop

Today we woke up late, having done all of our housework yesterday and not having to worry about any more housework for the rest of the Easter weekend (woot!) 

We were going to go to this hip little cafe that has gorgeous rosemary bushes out the front and is actually too hip for a name apparently. Unfortunately, there was a line to get in to eat breakfast and since we usually eat breakfast at 6:30am and it was 9:30am we couldn't be bothered waiting. So we went and did our fruit & veg shopping as quickly as we could at the markets nearby and then headed to our local organic cafe.. lots of available seats, lots of fresh produce, reasonably priced and quick service - take that hip cafe! 

Following this, we went into the city and went shopping for some new work shirts for Mr Bejewelled Dresser's new job. We also checked out the Country Road 20% off sale, where I bought a jacket for Mr's birthday on Wednesday and a little something for me as well (for good measure ok) ;-) 

Here were my purchases for the day...

- Country Road Lightweight Military Jacket (for Mr) 

- Country Road Oatmeal Merino Wool Cardie

Stacks of socks and a couple of pairs of tights.. The socks I'll be wearing with open toe sandals.. they are quite possibly the most perfect colours ever - Amazingly, found at Best & Less for $8.99 for the 5 pack ;-)


  1. nice blog :)

    D e g a i n e

  2. can't believe you got that 5 pack for so cheap and in all those great colours! def going to best n less next time im shopping!