Thursday, April 1, 2010

Favourite Op Shop

I don't usually play favourites with op shops but every time I go to this particular shop I come home with a huge haul.....and there were still things I wanted to buy but didn't! 

It's quite a drive from home (read: long) but it's always worth it... This time before I went I made a conscious decision to aim to buy wintery things... true, not a lot was on my already pages long winter wishlist but that's always the way with op shops, you don't always find what you're looking for.. it's the luck of the draw... Here's what I picked up this time.. 

My favourite buys out of the lot are the leather jacket and the maroon glomesh bag above. I haven't seen a glomesh bag in this colour before and well I have been looking for a vintage leather jacket for what seems like forever..
The dresses will be great belted with tights and heels.. my husband really dislikes the velvet one and I don't find it particularly flattering on me either.. but I have grand plans to completely restructure it... to make it shorter whilst still keeping the interesting pattern and ribbon trim on the hemline. ;-)

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  1. Love the gold and cream bag! Are you in Brisbane? If so, are you willing to share where you found your stash?!