Sunday, October 23, 2011


It was not my intention to leave it so long between posts.. but alas, better later than never right? Here is a recap of the goings on.. at least the goings on caught on film :-)

Finally discovered music festivals (it's only taken me until I was 28) and rocked out like we were teenagers at Parklife. I think we could have been the oldest people there, but hey, still loved every minute!

Chilled out at Qpac's Greenjam Sessions whilst wondering where they bought all the cool cushions & rugs...

Was charmed by an antique trunk and decided to make it our new coffee table

Gave our laundry area a freshen up with a coat of paint for our vintage laundry cupboard and added a pretty plant on top

Watched our jasmine keep creeping in all directions! 

Celebrated our anniversary

And was spoilt rotten in the process

Escaped the city and enjoyed some much needed rest by the beach

And spotted a super cute wild bunny rabbit! 

Watched as talented truck drivers played tetris with fancy cars in the lead up to Indy

Gave ourselves a 'masterchef like' challenge.. no buying our weekly fruit & veg from fruit and veg shops.. instead only from roadside stalls.. Potato & avocado salad anyone? 

Admired tropical produce.. and broke the challenge to buy one chocolate pudding fruit. Yes. You heard that right. Nom noms.

Enjoyed the sunshine! 

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