Saturday, August 6, 2011

Top of the World

After a long week and lots of bad behaviour over the weekend (read: pizza, booze and all manner of sweet treats), we went for a fairly epic bike ride today. Here are a few shots from our adventures.

Beautiful Queenslanders

Anyone else think this belongs in The OC?

Someone has a sense of humour ;-)

And then there was this gigantic mother of a hill. Seriously, on a cruiser without gears which weighs a ton, I wasn't about to try riding up this thing. It was basically vertical. Thus commenced the hike with the bike. Mr Bejewelled tackled riding up all the way, with one small stop on the way up. I was pretty impressed!

There was a good reward at the top though..

Dress (under shirt): Sportsgirl / Shirt: Sportsgirl / Tights: Ambra / Boots: Top Shop / Clutch: Vintage from mum / Sunglasses: Vintage B&L Ray Bans / Ring: Sportsgirl / Necklace: Sportsgirl / Belt: Came with random pair of denim shorts
Quite the walking advertisement for Sportsgirl today! ;-)


  1. beautiful houses that you photographed!
    I live on a hill like that.. And it is exactly what stops me from riding my bike, as I don't want to push it up at the end of a long ride.