Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Week that Was

I have been on autopilot this week. Wake up, drive, coffee hit, work, quick eats, work, get home late, spend not enough time with Mr B, quick eats, sleep, and repeat. I had a major event happening at work which I played a large part in organising and I honestly feel like I haven't had decent rest all week. I am so relieved it is the weekend- I can finally sleep in, spend time with Mr B and the pups and try to regroup and recharge.

Here are some goings on from this week.

My Witchery Trench finally arrived this week - I think it's going to be a great staple piece for autumn/winter. It's fairly lightweight but I figure I can layer when it gets chilly.

A couple of really lovely work colleagues gave me a really cute little decorative crane as a thanks for all of the effort put in this week - so sweet.

And a couple of op shop buys from yesterday. We were out and about running errands and had a quick op shop browse for good measure.

Vintage Casio Watch.. $8
I had been eyeing the ones at General Pants for ages and I can't believe I actually found a vintage one at an op shop. Sure it has a slight crack on the face and it needed some serious cleaning (watches are generally icky things) but for $8 I'm pretty stoked.
The photos really don't do it justice.

Touch lamp $8.
I have seen a few touch lamps before and the ones I have seen have generally had dowdy floral patterns - I really liked the pattern on this one - a little retro and it is in quite good condition.

Today after an 11 hour sleep I'm just going to enjoy some me time and perhaps go for a run this afternoon - hope you are all enjoying your weekends!

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  1. Hello thanks for stopping by my blog :) I agree, it can actually be hard to find small sizes a lot in op shops although makes it more exciting when you do =) Great finds with the lamp and watch!