Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Road Less Travelled

I have been on another brief hiatus, this time to Melbourne. I went down for work but then hubby met me down there last Friday and we spent a few days eating, drinking, shopping and exploring. I had been to Melbourne a couple of times before (also for work trips) and well to say I had seen the city would be a serious overstatement. More like the inside of a conference venue. Hubby hadn't been before. 

We went on a few trips out of the City: St Kilda, Prahran, Fitzroy and Windsor.  I never find stores where I want absolutely everything in store, but I did at Dorothy & Evelyn at Windsor! 

Such a beautiful store... The mix of cute vintage dresses, new finds, pretty ornate jewellery and homewares were so beautiful. Considering I had already gone over my luggage limit on the way down (hey, I really needed those 6 vintage summer dresses ok? Not.) I just bought a Toi Et Moi top and a pair of earrings. I definitely could have bought more. Lots more. 

Oh Dorothy & Evelyn.. would you consider opening a store in sleepy old Brisbane? (especially since I make it sound so appealing?)

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