Friday, February 5, 2010

Today's Op Shop Finds!!

Ray Ban Aviators - $3 at Vinnies
Necklace - $3 op shop
Retro canister (made in Japan) - $5 op shop

These are my op shop buys from a morning op shopping... Being a bit of a die hard op shopper, when I found these Ray Bans, I think I could have passed out right there and then, I was so excited! Seriously retro, with a bit of gold bling. I can add them to my Ray Ban collection, of which I have two pairs of Wayfarers, one black, one tortoiseshell (tortoiseshell ones are vintage and were $3.50 from Salvos) and now the Aviators.

I found the necklace at a new op shop that opened up just recently.. don't even think it has a name yet. It immediately caught by eye because it looks crafty and the colours of the beads are unexpected. 

And well the canister I just thought would go nicely in our home to hold tea bags.. it is in perfect condition, the glaze is gorgeous! 

Considering I went out to buy clothes today and came back with nothing of the sort, just once again proves you cannot go to op shops with a list of things you desire!

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